Human Civilization is in crisis with the unprecedented spread of COVID-19 in every corner of the world. More than 1.5 million people have been infected and become sick as of now around the world(at the time of writting this). While the novel Corona Virus pandemic would hit the developing countries very hard, U. S. records more than 2,000 Corona virus deaths in one day on 10th April, when global death toll reaches 1,00000. The countries are under strict lock down to stop the spread of virus. Most developed nations also have no clue to this invisible enemy. Internet services are not been interrupted and online activities and communications are the safest way of interaction. The good news for the students is that they can continue their learning by using many platforms available in the present world.

We have been designing and developing this website for quite sometimes to be used for delivering teaching-learning materials for interactive learning. Our target populations are the students of Assam and the North-Eastern regions of India in general and the students of diploma engineering in polytechnics in particular to begin with. Assam along with all states of this nation is in total lock-down to enforce the much-needed social distancing. Our students and teachers are also stuck in their respective homes and are in panic because of the future of their studies and other aspects of life.

Online video learning is an efficient tool and it became a forced need of the hour in the present crisis of humanity. The urgency of the situation demands uploading as much learning contents as possible in our incomplete website. A few videos related to courses of diploma in mechanical engineering without any fine-tuning and processing are uploaded on demand of the students. Hope a fraction of the huge immediate needs of the few areas of concerned students can be fulfilled. We hope the targeted learners will be benefited from our effort and send their feedback to help us keep learning and keep improving. We also request interested teachers of any field to deliver their learning contents through our website to serve the learners.

We wish all learners to be safe wherever they are and continue to grow with their learning curves. Let us work together by maintaining the social distancing to win the war against COVID-19. Thank you for reading till the end. Stay safe at home, stay connected with social distancing and stay productive….

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